:: Power Protection, Enclosure & Racking Systems ::

There is an increasing pressure for IT & facility professionals to manage power variations, energy cost control, uncertain long term expectations for density and equipment consolidation. APC provides Green, RoHS compliant integrative turnkey solutions of scalability and standardized modular architecture for data centres & server rooms to tackle issues of inflexibility, heat, unreliability, oversizing and inefficiencies.

Mossad Services maintains Silver Partner status with APC to offer modular enclosure racking systems, backup power protection UPS, cooling solutions and intelligent management system compatible with multiple platforms. APC offers a wide range of products & services to support Data Centres, Facilities, Network and Server, Industrial, PCs and Workstations and Mobile Computing Applications. With reliable products to contain and protect your systems, one of the critical factors of maintaining robust IT operations is assured. As a direct partner we also gain access to better rates than other resellers and being price competitive.

Critical power protection or uninterruptible power supply (UPS), APC provides one of the widest range of products to serve loads from single phase below 10,000 VA up to 3-phase scalable 160kVA. APC Racks have the features of advanced cooling, cable management, power distribution and airflow management. Benefits of configurable rack solutions that holds up to 1 tonne of equipment also allows full compatibility with other APC solutions and accessories.

One of the most highly rated issues faced by today’s Data Centres is heat dissipation and cooling due to increasing deployment of high density equipment. With Air Distribution, InRow Cooling and Coolant Distribution solution from APC you can effectively tackle such issues.

APC offers a combination of fully integrated power, cooling, rack, management, security and services with its InfraStruXure© Solution, an on-demand architecture for network-critical physical infrastructure. This on-demand architecture allows the selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular and mobile configurations. InfraStruXure is available for any IT environment, from wiring closets to large data centres.

Mossad Services are also resellers of racking systems & frames from ADC Krone, Commscope Systimax, HP, Panduit and other standard brands.