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Appropriate cable runways are necessary for serial protection of network cables as well as separation from other EMI-sensitive materials, affecting bandwidth and transmission performance. Suitable modular systems allow move add and change to the system, empowering the user choice in selecting optimum route plan and better earthing continuity for appropriate cabling management.

Along with traditional perforated cable tray and runways, Mossad Service is also the certified installer and partner of Cablofil systems and Panduit.

Cablofil has been one of the preferred choices around the globe by organisations for its simple and durable solution of wire mesh cable tray. Cablofil deploys a special method of T – Welding the lateral wires to the top wires that eliminates the risk of damaging cables upon laying and at the same time protects installers from sharp edges, a patented concept unique to Cablofil. Its EZ system promotes fast deployment with easy to use parts, from ceiling mount to underfloor support trays. Its High load capacity at 2m span allows cost savings from additional brackets and wall fixings,even overloaded Cablofil will not break.

Cablofil is used widely in the industries of Manufacturing,
Oil & Gas, Consumable Production plants and
Data Centres.

Panduit is a global leader in providing end to end network cabling and facility infrastructure, offering cable management and routing solution in the form of its unique FIBERRUNNER® and FIBER-DUCT™ Routing Systems  designed to segregate, route and protect fiber optic and high performance copper cabling.

Its GRIDRUNNER™ Underfloor Cable Routing System, a wire basket pathway underfloor system that is designed to route and manage network data and power cabling beneath the raised floor in a data center with improved reliability and increased safety.